Stop/Start Declarations

As a part of our 50 Days of Intentionality series, 100’s of people have gone public, declaring their ‘STOPs’ and ‘STARTs’ to friends, family and on little red and green cards hung on a wire-mesh grid in the foyer!


This weekend or any weekend through this series, declare your ‘STOP’ and ‘START’, write it on a card and hang it on the grid!  Also, take a few moments to be inspired by what others are doing!



On February 1 + 2, we will be celebrating our first 365 days of reading a Chapter a Day!   A number of Riverwooders will be sharing their stories on in those services!


If you would like to share your Chapter-a-Day story in writing or potentially on video, please contact kaylyn@riverwood.cc


Riverwood Building Projects Collective

Dinner & Ideas Night

We're inviting all Riverwood professional architects, engineers, contractors, interior designers and suppliers to dinner!  This is not a tendering process or intended to help you find more business.  This is an opportunity for you to leverage your professional training and experience in a way that builds your church!  Riverwood was designed to have modest facilities and major impact, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have great-modest-faciltiies!  We currently have four projects on the drawing board (not including Riverwood House) we need help with!  The first stage is to simply connect, have dinner and share ideas!  If you sign up for this dinner there is no obligation beyond this evening unless you decide you want to get more involved!  Hosted by Pastor Todd, Pastor Jon and our Facilities Director, Scott Walker!


The Undeclared

At Riverwood we believe baptism is an important part of a person's faith journey. Baptism is an outward expression of the inward change that has taken place as a result of a choice to follow Christ. This outward expression is a beautiful celebration and a declaration that you are making to your worship community and your family and friends of the change that has take place in your life because of Christ. Baptism is available on a request basis at any time during the year. Are you ready to be baptized?


The next baptism class will take place on Wednesday, January 29th

The upcoming Baptism Weekends are:
February 1st + 2nd at the Factory
February 9th at the Warehouse
February 16th at the Firehall


You’ll find all you need to know about Baptism at Riverwood right here!


Small Groups

Start or join a Small Group and intentionally connect! 

We run 3 10-week sessions a year, and the next 10-week session is launching now!


Check out all you need to know about Riverwood Small Groups right here!


Covenant Community – Elder Team

It is the Covenant Community's responsibly to nominate and raise up Elders to lead our church!  If you are a part of the Covenant Community, you have received an “In the Loop” email with nomination details!  If you didn’t receive that email, but are part of the Covenant Community, please contact chelsea@riverwood.cc


Also, there will be an “Elder Information Reception” on Sunday, Feb 2nd, 6 pm at The Factory in Grounded Café!  No need to sign up! Just show up! There you can ask questions about nominations, requirements and what it takes to be an elder!


Next Steppers

Covenant Community

Covenant Community is both a course and a commitment. It is for those who have been a part of Riverwood for at least a year and are wanting to solidify their commitment to their church family. It begins with a 4-hour course that teaches the values, vision, mission and behind the scenes operations of Riverwood. It continues with an opportunity for individuals to sign a statement of commitment. After this, those who are part of the Covenant Community are invited to help advance the vision, mission and values of our church through full participation.


For more information, contact chelsea@riverwood.cc

Saturday, February 8, 2020 | 9:30 AM–1:30 PM


First Steppers – Alpha

Alpha is for those exploring the faith, new to the faith, or feeling like they aren’t quite as grounded-in-the-faith as they need to be!


 This group is done around tables with a meal. It runs for 12 weeks starting Tuesday, February 11th.


The Table

We are planning to intentionally run an experiment where the 11:15 Warehouse service will host a service for 7 weekends called “The Table”! 

We will tweak the format of the service, move from rows to circles and focus more on connection, relationship, conversation and learning by discussion for 15 minutes.


If you would like to be a “Table Setter” or “Table Participant”, just click below!

DOOR #10


Calling all artists!! We are looking for a number of artists to create pieces of art that express God’s reckless love for us, for an upcoming series called “Reckless Love” in April! 

We are looking for artwork in a variety of mediums, including the following:

We'll post the ‘aim’ and ‘objective’ of this next week…


-       Painting

-       Sketching

-       Clay

-       Mixed Medium

-       Photography

-       Carving

-       Computer Graphic


We will set up an art-gallery, and feature the various pieces through the month of April!

If you would like more information, or would like to sign up, contact kaylyn@riverwood.cc

DOOR #11

Song Writers

In May, we will be heading into another challenging book, the book of Leviticus! While it is challenging, as you dig deeper into the book you discover the whole theme is ‘God’s Holiness’ and his call for us to be ‘Holy’!


We are putting a call out to our Song Writers to write music with the theme of “God’s Holiness” and his call for us to be holy. We want to “stir up” and give our song writers in the church and see what comes of it!

If you’re interested, or would like more information, contact worship@riverwood.cc

DOOR #12


Give a Saturday in June to “Trash-the-Neighbourhood”!

Let’s make an impact in our community by coming together and setting out to clean up the neighbourhood!

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