Building Church


When Jesus announced, “I will build my church!” he wasn’t talking about a structure with bricks and mortar!   He was talking about his people!  A faith-family!  A community dedicated to connecting, serving, worshipping and growing!


Over the past 500 years, the word ‘church’ has almost become synonymous with ‘a building’.  At Riverwood, we are so grateful for our buildings, but they only serve as one of many places where Jesus is building his church!


In this COVID-season of church, gathering large groups in buildings for worship and teaching is difficult…but not impossible!


If you would like to attend a church service in as familiar a way as possible, this is for you!


Starting Saturday, September 19th and Sunday, September 20th, we will be offering five live worship services in three worship venues.


Saturday, 5:15 pm @ The Factory (studio)


Sunday, 9:15 am @ The Factory


Sunday, 10:15 am @ The Warehouse


Sunday, 10:15 am @ The Firehall


Sunday, 11:15 am @ The Factory


Sunday, 1:15 pm - The African Worship Community @ The Factory


How many people will be allowed in a room?

Following provincial health guidelines that currently allow for 30% occupancy of a building while ensuring social distancing The Factory will hold 120, The Warehouse 120 and The Firehall 50. 


What does Saturday 5:15 pm ‘studio’ mean?

This service is recorded specifically for distribution to House Church and Couch Church.  This means the flow of the live experience may be interrupted in order to reset the stage or capture a moment.  Those who attend this service will experience what happens behind the scenes of our Livestream service.


Do I need to reserve my seat?

Yes!  Two of our venues could seat 450 people.  Since we are restricting the seating to 120, we want people to know when they arrive that they actually will have a seat.  Also, if there was ever a need to provide information for contact tracing, the reservation system ensure we can comply.


Reserving your seat also lets us know how many children will be with you, what ages and how many seats you will need in your household-group.


Will there be children’s ministry?

Riverwood Kids will be available by registration only for Age 2 (born 2018) to Grade 5 at the following services: Factory 5:15, Factory 9:15, and Warehouse 10:15 (Pending: Firehall 10:15 and Project 67). Families with nursery aged children will have access to a Parent Room at all sites with service streaming. For continuity with the Manitoba School’s decision, the grade 4-5 class will be required to wear masks. To view the full RWK covid protocol, please visit


Will there be congregational singing?

We encourage participants to worship in their hearts!  If they would like to sing, they can do so, but at a very low volume and no louder than a talking voice.  If you are someone who loves to belt out your worship, Couch Church is for you!


Are masks mandatory?

Currently, the provincial health department has encouraged but not mandated the use of non-medical masks.  Our serving personnel will be wearing masks, and we’re encouraging the use of masks but they aren’t required at this time.


Are all five services ‘live’?

Our normal multi-site strategy has always been to teach live from The Factory with the teaching being live-streamed at The Warehouse and The Firehall with live worship and pastoral hosting.  As we launch the fall season of church we will be firing up this format once again!


What if I’m not able or comfortable attending ‘Building Church’?

Then we encourage you to check out House Church or Couch Church!