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What is a
          Covid Platoon?

During the pandemic we are calling Small Groups - COVID PLATOONS. These “platoons" are currently virtual gathering places for small groups of people to stay connected & growing in faith through an intentional time of spiritual conversations, sharing the challenges of our current reality, and praying for one another.
These groups will run until May 2021. 


To get started, find your people (family or friends) and coordinate a weekly 30 minute (or more)  time to connect over Zoom or Google Meets. To help guide your conversation, you can find application questions from the weekend’s sermon by clicking the Resources Tab below or on our social media platforms on Sunday. We’d love for you to register your group with us by clicking on “Register” or “Start” above. (Note: The groups that have space for people to join will be listed on this site) 


To join a group that is already running, click on “Find Your COVID platoon” where you will see a variety of groups If there is a group you are interested in, click on JOIN, and you will be taken to an email address to Sue Courtney, who will answer any questions you have or direct you to the leaders of that group. 


Tech Help Needed? If you need help getting started with Zoom or Google Meets, contact Sue, at and she will direct you to our tech team for instructions or tips. 


Here are the tools and resources we provide for all of our covid platoons. Feel free to also use these resources just for yourself and for your family.

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