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The Marriage Life Group Network is for married couples at any stage of life! Couples sit at tables of 8 with others in a similar season of life, including one Leader Couple. There’s no counselling, no airing of dirty laundry and no group therapy – just fresh & practical teaching with inspiring stories from a variety of the XO Marriage Conference Speakers. It’s an evening out with your spouse, a time to grow together, and connect with other couples over food and conversation. If you’ve attended the Marriage Group before, all of the teaching and content is new.


Date: 7 Thursdays, starting on February 16th & ending on March 30th.

Time: 7:00-8:30 pm

Location - Warehouse Auditorium - 270 Gordon Ave.


Child Care is available for children ages 2 and older. Cost is $10 for 1 child / $15 for 2 or more - each evening. There is a place to register your child or children on the form. 


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