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IT’S NOT ABOUT ME!We take our eyes off of ourselves to worship God and serve those who aren’t even here yet.


WE WILL BE REAL, NOT PERFECT! - We will be authentic, even when it’s not pretty.


FOLLOWING ANCIENT PATHWAYS! - We feel called to share the ageless message of the Bible in ways that make sense and inspire people. We make every effort to communicate the Gospel with the life and vibrancy in which it was intended.


DIGNITY WITHOUT LIMITS! – We love welcoming and including people equally, regardless of skin colour, gender, religion, ethnicity, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, social or economic class or nationality. Everyone is welcome to attend, worship and participate.


ACTIVISTIC INVESTMENTS IN OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD! - We believe that faith is an action word and our presence in the community should be making life better for everyone.


RAISING UP THE NEXT! We love to flatten the playing field and give power away. We invest in people, release leadership and are attempting to change the world by empowering each generation.


WE DON’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! – That’s why we pray a lot and ask God for help.


EVERYBODY SERVE! EVERYBODY GIVE! – We’re all in this together. We each have a role to play.


MODEST BUILDINGS, MAXIMUM IMPACT! - We recycle buildings and keep our operations lean so we can invest in people.


ADVENTURE LIVING! - We revel in a good off-road adventure, so on the journey of life-transformation to be more like Jesus, we resist following the crowd or getting stuck and stalled!


GROWING SMALLER! - We are constantly working to connect people in meaningful relationships and build our church ‘smaller’, so everyone has a group of people they are journeying with!


RELENTLESS REACHING! – With bold faith, we set impossible goals, punch above our weight and expect giants to fall.


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