Vaccination Required Worship Option Details

The Apostle Paul said,

“I become all things to all people that I might win some to Christ!” - I Cor. 9:19-23


At Riverwood, this means we will be ‘unvaccinated to the unvaccinated and vaccinate to the vaccinated’ in the hope that we would encourage, build up and draw people closer to Christ.


Currently, we are providing no in-person worship gatherings for health-care workers, frontline workers, immunocompromised people, family membership of those who are immunocompromised, or people who have personal sensitivities, concerns or fears as they try to navigate life during the pandemic.

We respect those who have personal sensitivities and choose not to be vaccinated and we respect those who have personal sensitivities about what environments they place themselves in.  We find it unacceptable to say to either, “We have no place for you” and are working hard to include everyone


Paul said in Romans 15:1, "We who are strong must be considerate of those who are sensitive about things like this. We must not just please ourselves.” While he was speaking about meat sacrificed to idols and sabbath worship (both 10-commandment level issues), we believe Paul's instruction guides us as we navigate the current challenges.





To this end, we will be transitioning one of our 6 current 'Distanced' in-person worship gatherings to a ‘Vaccination Required Worship Service’, making room and serving those who currently do not have a Riverwood service to attend.


We will be transitioning our least attended service, the Sunday, 11:15 am service at The Factory to be our ‘Vaccination Required Worship Service’.


Current Public Health Orders mandate that we can only designate it this kind of service if we (1) check QR codes prior to entry, (2) ensure everyone wears masks at all time.


Those who are not vaccinated (or who are vaccinated) will have 5 ‘Distanced’ in-person worship options (at The Factory, The Firehall or The Warehouse), each with Riverwood Kids.  


Those who are living with sensitivities and feel they need a ‘Vaccination Required Worship Service’ will have 1 in-person worship option, Sunday 11:15 @ The Factory with Riverwood Kids.





However, the ‘Vaccination Required Worship Service’ is NOT currently operational and will only launch once we have adequate volunteers to provide this service.  (Volunteers, of course, would need to adhere to the Health Order criteria.)


To provide this service, we will need 16 hospitality volunteers (greeters, coffee servers, ushers, welcome centre on a rotating basis), 16 tech volunteers (audio, eVisuals, lighting, cameras on a rotating basis), 16 Riverwood kids volunteers on a rotating basis), and a large roster of worship volunteers (instrumentalists and vocalists).

You can volunteer for these roles here:

You can sign up for TWAR here:

You can review the teaching roll-out that was part of the Oct. 24th,

‘Dancing in the Minefields - 1’, that announced this strategy here…