We want to create an environment that is "more small". This means we want to create spaces for people to really connect with one another. We also want to move from being complex to simple, from a church with small groups to a church made up of small groups.


Deep Calls to Deep

Small Group Networks, Women's

This group is for women looking for something deeper, a deeper connection to God and to other women.  We no longer want to just exist next to people in a circle but we want to build and belong to a trust tier.  This group will have a focus on intentional, authentic and eternal connections with each other and with God.

Starts Oct. 3

Financial Peace

Small Group Networks

If finances have you stressed, down or feeling anxious or if you just want to get to that “next” level—this is the small group network for you. Join us as we take the journey of destroying debt, bashing out budgets and stealthy saving. The hope is that we all gain the skills
and discipline to succeed in our finances the way God intended us to live.

Starts Oct. 10


Small Group Network, Womens

We are a network for women of all ages and stages. We are passionate about women growing in their faith, growing in community, and seeing women step into God’s calling for their lives. We believe God has a call and a purpose for each one of us, and we are so excited to see what He has for us this year. Come join us! The coffee is on, and friends are waiting!

Starts Oct. 2

Finding Connexions

Small Group Networks

Offering a course to build our faith as well as a chance to experience a small group community.  The evening will include video teaching, discussion and prayer.

Starts Sept. 26

Mom's Ministry

Small Group Networks

Mom's Ministry is a place where God is building a community of moms who support one another, serve alongside each other and are growing deeper in relationship with Him. We all come to motherhood differently and we celebrate God's unique expression of motherhood in each other.


We'd love to meet you and you are welcome anytime!

Starts Oct. 10


Small Group Network, Singles

STIR is a networking group for singles in their 30’s and 40’s that meets twice a month. Once for an event and the other as an informal coffee time of connecting and forming new friendships. We also take time to participate in service events throughout the year.

Starts Sept. 21

50 or Not

Small Group Networks

Are you 50? Or close to it? Or even beyond? This group is designed for anyone age 50 or more. (no age limit)  It will include a study and an opportunity for discussion and prayer. There will also be times of kicking back for some fun events together.

Starts Sept. 26

Divorce Care

Small Group Networks

Are you experiencing or have you experienced the breakdown of your marriage? Divorce Care is a small
group using video and small group dynamics that help you navigate this very difficult journey. It is a safe
environment with very caring leaders.

Starts Sept. 26

Central Perk

Small Group Networks

A study group for people in the 30’s and 40’s age group.  It is a support group with teaching and community.

Starts Sept. 26

Q2Q Arts Night

Small Group Networks

Q2Q Arts Night is a weekly evening where people have the opportunity to learn and practice such areas of the physical arts as Drama, Mime, Musical Sign (songs in sign language), and more.  There will be two age groups: ’12 and Older’ – including adults, and ‘Under 12’ – Grades 1-6.

Starts Oct. 8

The Gap

Small Group Network, Singles

The Gap is a Small Group Network geared towards unmarried men and women in their mid-20s to mid-30s. We are striving to create a supportive community through studying God’s Word, serving together and having fun.

Starts Oct. 2


Small Group Network, Couples

For married couples at any stage of life! There's no counselling, no airing of dirty laundry and no group therapy – just fresh, practical & actionable teaching with inspiring stories from a variety of marriage conference speakers! Come grow your marriage relationship and connect with other Riverwood couples!

Childcare available for $5 per child or $10 per family.

Starts Oct. 10th


Small Group Network

 Alpha is a great course outlining the essentials of Christianity and is open to anyone who is exploring faith, new to faith, or been in faith for years and is looking for a reminder of the foundations of faith. To register email the contact below for more info.

Starts Oct. 1

Monday Group

Small Group Networks

Our focus will be on identifying and dealing with consequences of childhood trauma. How it affects our relationships not only with family but the world. This sounds like a tall order, but when we look through scripture this is simply connecting to our higher power(GOD)and trusting his truths in our life. And his very real power to calm our fears and help us face the challenges of this world. 

Starts TBA

Growing Creative Hearts


This a Pottery and card making group. For men and women all ages and stages in life (no one under 18).

If you have a passion to create and grow in your faith while having fun, this is the group for you! 

Starts Oct. 6

Grief Share

Small Group Networks

Have you experienced the loss of someone close to you? Grief Share is a small group that uses video and small group dynamics in a safe and caring way to help you navigate this journey through grief.

Starts Sept. 26

Coffee & Espresso Things That Matter

Small Group Network, Men's

For men of all ages with a focus of gathering around for coffee and conversation about things that really matter to God, to you, and to those you care about.


Come on out! The coffee will be hot and friends waiting to welcome you.

Starts Oct. 9

Film Lovers


Leigton and Dana will host a potluck and classic film every second Thursday at 5:30. Dinner will begin between 5:30 and 6:00 and the film will start at 7:00 with discussion following. (contact small group leader for detailed schedule)

Starts Oct. 10th


Your hobby isn’t just fun, it provides opportunities for discipleship, fellowship, ministry, worship, and evangelism.


Virtual small groups are for those who live lives that are not 9-5. This is for truck drivers, nurses, Doctors, Pastors, University students, Moms, Dads, Snowbirds…. Virtual Small Groups are virtually there for you to be connected to people who are wanting to build on their relationship with Jesus and with people. Virtual small groups leave no one out! They make sure no one feels alone. Click the button below to find out how you can be part of group that more than fits into your life!

Interested in forming a virtual group?

Contact Michelle now!

Men's Virtual Small Group

Virtual, Men's

Join Riverwood Men's Virtual Small Group, all you need is a Facebook account.

All Year Round



Kinship Care is a virtual small group for those who care for children who cannot live with their biological family.

Starts Oct. 2

Women's Virtual Small Group

Virtual, Women's

On the WhatsApp platform, group members respond to conversational questions to get to know each other, prayer requests, things to look for in bible readings, what God is teaching us, links for creative bible art journal and journal writing ideas. 

Starts Oct. 26

Creatives Connecting

Virtual, Creative

Creatives Connecting is a virtual, Common Interest/Creative small group. It provides an opportunity for creatives/artists to connect and interact online.  The book The Heart of the Artist (by Rory Noland, 1999, Harper Collins) will be read and discussed this fall by means of a private blog. 

Starts Oct. 7


Here are the tools and resources we provide for all of our small groups. Feel free to also use these resources just for yourself and for your family.

Talk It Over

Talk it Over is a resource for small groups written by a staff member at Riverwood each week. 

Rightnow Media

Library filled with thousands of discipleship videos and resources from world renown teachers. 

FAQ's for Group Leaders

Here are all Frequently Asked Questions and our answers for small group leaders. 

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