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Welcome to The Ohana Project! Back in 2002, Disney's Lilo and Stitch taught us that “Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten!”

The Ohana Project is an initiative by Riverwood’s six-pastor team to personally and individually pray for every person in our church until the entire church has been prayed for!

When you fill out the form below, your name and prayer needs will be confidentially assigned to one of our pastors. Everyday, each pastor will commit to praying for one household or individual. Each week, 42 households or individuals will be personally prayed for. This will continue each week until every Riverwooder is prayed for.

If you are new to Riverwood this week, part of our online community or have been a part of Riverwood for the past 25 years, you are invited to participate!

As pastors, we are ready to be put to work…praying for you!

The Ohana Prayer Project

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