A unique, round-a-table 7 week worship gathering!

Running from Feb 23-April 5 at the Warehouse at 11:15am!


The Table is an experiment.  We really have no idea how it will work or turn out.  However, some of the values we would like to build The Table on would be organic-grace, ownership-initiative and a communal experience. Organic-grace for the chaos and non-linear experience.  Moving from rows to circles could be confusing for some. Where do I sit?  Can I talk during the service?  Can I go up and get food during the service?


Ownership-initiative means that we’re hoping each participant owns the experience more than when they sit in rows. Take the initiative to bring some food to share.  Take the initiative to welcome someone to your table.  Take the initiative to help clean up.  Take the initiative to set up another table if needed.  Own it!


Food to share.  We’re building a central, 12 foot long table for this weekend.  When you come into the auditorium, please put whatever food you brought to share on The Table.  What you bring could be really simple: fruit, yogurt, granola.  Tim-bits or donuts.  Finger food or more of a brunch food.  We’ll figure it out!


Children.  We’re creating this experience so that the children will start their experience in Riverwood Kids rather than in the adult worship.  The services that have children in worship will now be The Factory 5:15, The Firehall 10:15 and The Warehouse 9:15.  The reason for this is that we don’t want children taking up seats at the table for worship and then there being very few adults at a table once the children leave.  No, it doesn’t mean we’re banning kids from worship, however it means that we are purposefully creating experiences for children that will now begin at 11:15 or when you arrive rather than starting at Coffee Break.


Who sits at what table?  Great question!  This is part of the ‘we’ll figure it out’ part.  What I can tell you is that we will have Table Hosts at each table and the seats that are available will have a green place-card that says “Take a Seat!”  This way, if an existing Small Group or group of friends is wanting to sit together, they may have no “Take a Seat” cards at their table as the chairs will be full.  It also means that anyone entering the room will instantly know where they are welcome to sit.


What if someone didn’t sign up but wants to come?  The sign up was intended to help us anticipate how many people might show up but isn’t a closed list!  Feel free to invite people even if they didn’t sign up.  Likewise, someone might have signed up, attend once and find they don’t like it.  They aren’t obligated to keep attending.  The Table will be far more fluid than that!


When will the ‘discussion time’ be and what will we be missing?  Wow!  Another great question!  We’re going to experiment with this!  The discussion time might vary by teacher.  Of course, by Monday evening the entire teaching is posted online and if anyone wants to fill it what was missed they can have their cake and eat it too…or their Table discussion AND full-message via web!