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The Naked Truth
For Parents

The Naked Truth is a series that is unashamedly truthful about one of the most uncomfortable conversations we face: sex & romance. While we live in a culture where this conversation is everywhere, the mixed messages between the world and the church have left us confused. This month we want to bare the naked truth about these messages while giving students a space to ask questions, share their thoughts, and together bring clarity and ease to a very confusing stage of life.

As Uprising we want to come alongside you as you teach and support your child through some of these difficult conversations. We have built this series with both you and your child in mind and wanted to make sure to provide you with all of our content and resources so that you know what to expect and can be equipped to carry on these conversations with your child.

While we have created the series content to be relevant and applicable to the different age groups at Uprising, we understand that you may want to review the content prior to sending your child to Uprising. You can find our teaching outlines for each week below, and we respect your decision to withhold your child from attending Uprising that week if you are uncomfortable with the content being shared.

If you have any questions, would like to talk further about the topics, or need some extra support, you can email Pastor Brittany (Youth Pastor) at

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Week 1 | February 2/4

The Author of Romance

Hollywood may be the biggest supporter of romance, but while it has created trends and norms, we want to look to the original author of romance, God, to teach us what He originally intended these relationships to look like.

Week 2 | February 9/11

Your Body is A Masterpiece

There is an unspoken standard of attractive, beautiful, and masculine that we often go to great lengths to live up to. But while God made our bodies to be masterpieces, we are so much more than our bodies. This week we'll look at how to treat our bodies and others.


Week 3 | February 16/18

What are you looking at?

A conversation about what is dangerous for us to be watching and how to respond to it. *This week will include a conversation on pornography.

Week 4 | February 23/25

Let's Be Honest

A conversation about attraction and dating. *This week will include a conversation about sex and boundaries with high school students.