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The Alpha Course

Ask life's biggest questions. Explore faith.

What is Alpha?

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to ask life’s big questions.

What is my purpose? What happens when I die? Why is there suffering?

Alpha is a chance to ask these questions and explore the Christian faith in a fun, no-pressure environment. Each session includes a short film and a discussion period where you can chat through your thoughts and questions with a small group of people just like you.

This is a great place for you if you want to learn and discuss more about the Christian faith, or if you have someone in your life that you want to explore these questions with!

Alpha In-Person

In-person Alpha will be hosted by Dunstan and Jessica Gomes alongside a few table leaders.

These sessions will run weekly every Thursday for

11 weeks. 

Start Date: February 9th 2023

Time: 7pm to 8:30pm

Location: Warehouse 270 Gordon Ave, Winnipeg

Alpha Online

Online Alpha will be hosted by Doug and Caroline Sadler. The platform we will be using is Zoom. Alpha online will run on a Bi-weekly basis.

Start Date: February 14th 2023

Time: 7:30PM

Location: Zoom

Alpha Pic Doug & Carolin Shawn's fall 2022_1.jpg

Attend Alpha

Alpha runs for 12 weeks and begins on

Thursday February 9, 2023, 7pm
at The Warehouse (The Shed) 

270 Gordon Ave. Winnipeg, MB

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