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If you want to make everyone feel welcome walking into our doors, join our hospitality team!


If your heart is to minister to people in our congregation, this area might be yours to serve in!


If you are a young adult or love walking alongside young adults, this could be a great place for you to serve!


If you play an instrument or have vocal talent and have a passion for leading others in worship, this area might be a fit for you!


If you love raising up kids to fall in love with Jesus, this might be the place for you!



If you love facilitating deeper conversations and learning, this might be the place for you!


If you have been married for a while and your desire is to see marriages in our church flourish, this might be your area!


If you love building or fixing stuff and have some skills, our maintenance team could use your help!

2022 06 10 BMP-04331_edited.jpg

If you love pouring into the next generation and aren't afraid to get into the hard conversations, look no further than Uprising!


If you have a heart to minister to the Elmwood area, and love connecting with people, this may be a good area for you!


If you like taking care of all the little details to keep our services running smoothly, this area might be for you!

We would love to have you join our team and use your gifts to further the mission of Riverwood! If you found somewhere you want to serve, or would simply like to continue the conversation, you can sign up on your team of interest or here to see more options:

If you have been wondering:

‘Where should I serve?’

‘Are there any requirements?'

‘Are all serving opportunities created equal?’

‘What if I’m new to church and the faith, is there a place for me?’ 

Well, take 5 minutes to begin answering these questions with a quick introduction to Riverwood’s ’Serving Engagement Circles'


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