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Who I am and who we are together! 

“The most important belief we possess is a true knowledge of who God is.  The second most important belief is who we are as children of God, because we cannot consistently behave

in a way that is inconsistent with how we perceive ourselves.” 

― Neil T. Anderson, Who I Am In Christ: A Devotional

Take time to read and ponder the implications of this list!

For a deeper-dive, actually look up the verses, read them and write some journal reflections on each!

There are 19 key-identities, but 67 in total!


Good relationships fail for a lack of intentionality. Whether that be in our actions or our words, intentionality kills apathy and combats drift in our relationships. Below are a list of intentional questions and a list of sentence starters to help you intentionally navigate your relationships!

Relationship Hacks


Every believer is given different spiritual gifts when they become a follower of Jesus. But many of us go our entire lives not knowing which gifts we have been given, and never using them. That's why we are encouraging our church to find out what their gifts are! This test will help you uncover what your gifts are and how you can use them to further the Kingdom of God!

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms." -1 Peter 4:10

FAQ: Why doesn't the test include every gift?


There are many different 'gift lists'! Some test for 9. Some for 15. Some for 19 and others for 27. This test recognized 19 but tests for 15 and doesn't test for the spiritual gift of tongues or interpretation, as well as the spiritual gifts of healing and miracles. These four gifts are very difficult to test for in a conventional way. Merely asking a set of questions will probably not lead a person to discovering these gifts (i.e. “Have you performed a miracle?”). It typically takes exercising and experiencing them and receiving confirmation through the Holy Spirit and from other Christians to validate or confirm that a person has these gifts.

spiritual gifts test
Here are some additional resources for you as you study the Bible:
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