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We have been privileged to be a part of the Elmwood community since 1999. Elmwood isn’t simply a postal code we hold, but a neighbourhood we love to be a part of. As a church community, we desire to let our faith move into action by being great neighbours, learning and listening to the needs of our community, being present in the struggles, and actively contributing to resourcing our local neighbourhood.

Through our local support programming, our community partnerships, and resource supports, we work towards the vision to see our neighbourhood and everyone within it thrive.

The Refuge

The Refuge is a collection of programs that respond to the needs of women in the Elmwood Community. It is a mentor-based program that provides support groups based on different circumstances and needs. We offer general support to moms, and specific group supports to women dealing with domestic violence and addiction issues. 


We partner with Harvest Manitoba to provide groceries to Elmwood families every week. Every Wednesday morning we unload the delivery truck and prepare for our food banks which runs from 2-7 PM.

Kidz Club

An energized and lively community night, Kidz Club offers a place for elementary-aged kids from Elmwood to connect, feel accepted, and be cheered on by mentors and leaders.

It truly is a privilege to experience kids from all over the Elmwood community coming together to share games, crafts, snacks, and friendship.

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Riverwood House

An Innovative Recovery Housing Project

Riverwood House will be a 40-unit Recovery Housing complex taking aim at addictions, poverty, and homelessness through a safe, stable and supportive environment for Winnipeg's at-risk population.

To explore more opportunities and resources in the Elmwood area you can also visit:
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