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Once a year we offer a 4-week course we call Prepared to Last. It includes teaching on different aspects of marriage and engaging discussions with a mentor couple that will help prepare you for a healthy dynamic marriage relationship.



Whether you are engaged, have been married for years, or are struggling in your marriage we would love to offer encouragement and opportunities to grow your relationship to be healthy and vibrant.



We believe baptism is an outward expression of the inward change that has taken place as a result of a choice to follow Christ.



If you are a regular attendee at Riverwood, the pastors here would be honoured to perform your wedding ceremony.

Child Dedication


Baby or child dedication is a ceremony we have in our services where parents make a public commitment to do their part in nurturing their child spiritually in a home where faith will be a priority.




The death of someone you love ushers in a cascade of complex emotions, and planning a funeral or memorial service to honour, remember, and celebrate loved ones can feel overwhelming. We are here to provide support, comfort and to help you design a meaningful commemoration and celebration of your loved one’s life.

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