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The Epps _edited.jpg
Donovan & Char Epp
- The Philippines

We are working with the Dupaninan Agta in the Philippines. The Dupaninan Agta are a semi-nomadic people numbering roughly 1500. They live on the north eastern coast of the Island of Luzon, Philippines.Our main role has been church planting among the Dupaninan Agta people. We were able to present the gospel in 2016. Since then we have been teaching the Bible, teaching literacy, discipling believers, and developing Bible teaching curriculum. Among these ministries, Char also homeschools our son Zane and does medical work as emergencies arise in our location.

Caleb _ Marie Thiessen_edited.jpg
Caleb & Marie Thiessen - SouthEast Asia

We are heading to Southeast Asia - July 2023 - to work at an international Christian School. Marie will be the school counselling therapist, and Caleb will be teaching middle years and coaching. Together, our vision is to raise up students to impact the world as Christ followers, who are emotionally, relationally, spiritually and academically healthy. The parents of these students are doing amazing work in Southeast Asia with human trafficking, employment opportunities, teaching job skills, literacy and outreach.


Jerry _ Chrissie Baker _edited_edited_ed
Jerry & Chrissie Baker
- Romania

We serve with Torchbearers International in Brasov, Romania at Purtatorii de Faclie (PdF). PdF is a ministry centre that exists to support the local church in Romania. The PdF staff run Christ-centered programs for thousands of Romanians year-round, including winter ski and snowboard camps, summer camps & wilderness survival camps As well, we host many conferences, retreats and church groups. Jerry’s primary role is the Bible School Principal for the 12-week Fall Bible School and the 11-week Spring Mission Bible School for international students; plus leads a variety of other programs. Chrissie serves as a leader for the female students, a student mentor, and teaches a few lectures.

Nate _ Camille Schmidt_edited.jpg
Nate & Camille Schmidt
- Amsterdam

We are full time missionaries with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!. YWAM’s main vision is “to Know God, and make Him known” With this vision in mind, we both have different roles on our campus here in the city! Nate is 1 of the 5 Base Directors who, together, lead our 120 full time staff! Camille is a part of the training team. She helps oversee all of YWAM’s 11 training schools on the base. She mainly works with the DTS which is a 6 month discipleship school within the context of missions.





Macloskie Family Photo_edited.jpg
Matthew Macloskie

At Inner City Youth Alive, we minister to the youth and families who live in the “North End”, focusing on reaching at-risk youth by mentoring and forming relationships that help lead to Christ. This is done through Teen & Jr. Teen Drop-Ins and community events. During the summer months, I am the Camp Program Coordinator for Gem Lake Wilderness Camp. My official camp role is to plan and run the summer and winter camp programs for youth, ages 10-18.

Angie Pickle _edited_edited.jpg
Angie Pickel

I serve as a full-time missionary with Africa Inland Mission (AIM).

Currently, I work as the Provincial Mobilizer for Manitoba and Saskatchewan-meeting with new potential applicants wanting to serve overseas; as well as sharing in local colleges and churches about the work of cross-cultural missions. After serving abroad

in Tanzania for 8 years with my  husband, Jeremy, and our three children, I am  excited to help 

others pursue their calling into cross-cultural ministry.

Jennifer Pichette _edited.jpg
Jennifer Pichette

I work at Hope Centre Ministries. This ministry exists to celebrate the gifts and uniqueness of individuals who live with disabilities and to  support them in their walk with God and their faith community. Some of my responsibilities include mailing monthly care cards & birthday cards to HCM members, planning weekly opportunities with the team, assembling “at home” kit components, and planning  resources for individuals with disabilities.

Chelsea Tielman _edited.jpg
Chelsea Tielman

I serve as the Assistant Director at Genesis School of Dance - a new dance ministry, I co-founded in October 2022. Genesis School of Dance is a comprehensive, community-oriented, Christian dance school with a focus on excellence. At Genesis, students from ages 3 all the way to adult, have the opportunity: to be enriched by quality training in the arts, to be motivated and enabled to use the arts to praise God, and to be supported in their personal and spiritual growth, providing them with the skills and attitudes to flourish in all areas of life.

John Courtney .jpg
John Courtney

In December 2019, I finished 47 years of ministry with Youth for Christ  - 43 of them as Executive Director of YFC Winnipeg. I then accepted an appointment with Youth for Christ International where I am coach to both National and Regional Directors around the world in over 30 Nations. It has been the perfect transition where I get to share from my 50 years of  experience in leadership. I seek to inspire National Directors with vision, leadership skills and partnership development.

Brock Groening _ family .jpg
Brock Groening

I have served with Youth For Christ Winnipeg for nearly 17 years. For the first 15 years I was the Soccer Program Director. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to move into the role of Director of Facility Operations. My current role involves supervising the hospitality, custodial, rentals, and maintenance positions, as well as continuing relationships with many soccer youth alumni. I enjoy being able to use the many years of experience as a Ministry Director to serve the wider YFC organization to carry out our mission to help every young person live fully in Christ. It has been exciting to be a part of  helping to build some great partnerships between Riverwood and YFC over the past 2 years in regards to Sports Camps and the Faith & Fitness program.

Steve Koepnick.jpg
Steve Koepnick

I am the bookkeeper at Youth For Christ, Winnipeg. My main responsibilities are to pay all bills for the ministry here in Winnipeg and our Satellite teams, as well as process the donations for YFC’s 80 missionaries and the donations that come in for the ministry projects.

James _ Gwen Foord _edited_edited.jpg
James & Gwen Foord

We serve with Child Evangelism Fellowship of Canada. Gwen is the National Director and James is the office administrator and donor relations. Our mission is to reach children with the Gospel, disciple them and establish them in the local church.

Alpha Pic Doug & Carolin Shawn's fall 20
Doug & Carolin Sadler

Doug and Carolin Sadler are

full-time missionaries for Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and serve from right here in Winnipeg. YWAM's main vision is to; "Know God and make Him Known" which Doug and Carolin seek to do in their unique ministry roles. Doug teaches ESL/TESOL locally in the city and occasionally overseas, and he and Carolin minister to International Students in the city. Carolin enjoys serving in various intercession/prayer ministries as well.

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