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The Refuge is a collection of programs that provides support and mentorship to women and children in the Elmwood community. Through both individual and group supports, the Refuge offers programming that responds to a variety of needs while using trauma informed practices to cultivate safety, trust, and compassion with each of our participants.


If you are in need of assistance or would like more information about our support groups, we would love to connect with you. We have support groups running and can help with immediate crisis support. 

Mom's Group

Childcare available

We understand the unique difficulties moms face and are here to provide support, love and encouragement in a non-judgmental environment. We care about you and your child. There are mentors at each group who you can talk to about anything and who are there to help you along your journey.


Our Mom's Group meets weekly from October to June. Each week we take part in different activities that help us to grow and learn together as moms.

Mentors are available at each group to provide additional resources and support. 

Support Groups

The Refuge closed support groups are designed to provide an inclusive environment for women/youth to gain both education and support as they journey towards healing.

As we respond to the needs of our community, the Refuge closed support groups may change topics as  the needs of the participants change.


Protection Order Designate on site to provide information and assistance in applying for protection orders. 

If you are unable to reach us and are in crisis, 

please call Klinic Crisis Line: 204-786-8686 

PODs are people who work in shelters and other community organizations, who have received special training, and have been designated by the Minister of Justice to assist applicants for Protection Orders. In this way, persons needing immediate relief are able to request an order 24 hours a day.


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